Time to try out a workplace!

List of different occupations!  – Choose 10 different occupations from the list which would suit you best. Rank them! (There is one group, which you are not allowed to choose from, you will know which one…!)

Career Planning and Salary – Assessing yourself

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Work – level A2

Best job in the world – level B2




Book review – “The absolutely True Diary of a part time Indian”

Usable phrases: 
Book review– bokrecension
The author of the book – bokens författare
The book takes place in… – boken utspelar sig i
The main-character is / the main- characters are.. – Huvudpersonen/Huvudpersonerna är
The book is about.– boken handlar om ..
The language of the book – bokens språk
I think that/ in my opinion – jag tycker att
If I could re-write the end of the book I would – Om jag kunde skriva om slutet på boken skulle jag…
I like/dislike the book because. – Jag gillar/gillar inte boken eftersom..
I would/ would not recommend this book – jag skulle / skulle inte rekommendera boken..

Vad kommer jag att bedöma? Kika på denna matris.

Here you can read about /listen to a programme about Native Indians  – history.

The ten commandements of the Native American Indians