Four countries – one Kingdom!

Four countries – one Kingdom



Learn more about famous Finnish dishes and cakes!

Hi there!

  1. Go to the link below and spend 10 minutes looking around at different categories!

Link to ” Visit Porvoo”

2. Go to category Eat & drink!Visit porvoo skärmdump mat.PNGA) Read about and learn how to make Runeberg´s cake. Translate the recipe, write in English and in Swedish in your notebook.

B) Which restaurant and which café would you like to visit in Porvoo? Pick on restaurant and one café from the list. Write in your notebook.

  • Name of the place?
  • What do they serve there?
  • What made you choose that restaurant and café?


3. In the pictures above you can you can see two other famous Finnish dishes (snacks), except for Runeberg’s cake.  One is called Karelian pasty and the other is a kind of cheese served with cloudberry jam.

  • Find out which ingredients you need for the two dishes, and how to make them. Take notes in your notebook!


Next year there will be a new chance to take part in the Finnish exchange! Hope you’ll take the chance to join!mumin1


Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Though it´s first on Saturday!) I hope you will have lots of fun when working with the following exercises! Use earphones and work individually or in pairs – just promise me that you use English all the time if you work in pairs

1.How many songs does he sing?! (compare your total sum with a friend!

2. Listening comprehension 1

3 .Listen to the story of Valentine’s Day and fill in the gaps of the text! (Tryck på rutan “play this game”)

4. Reading! “What is Valentine´s Day and how did it start”?

5. Find your favourite love quotes! Write a Valentine card and use your favourite quote!


How Hollywood says “I love you”

Do, does, did and so on – grammar section 2 + 3!

I engelska använder man do eller does + grundformen av ett verb för att ställa frågor.

Do you like pizza? / Does your mum like pizza?

När man frågar vad någon gjorde eller berättar vad som hände igår, i morse, förra veckan etc. så använder man did + grundformen av ett verb.

Did you go to school early yesterday?

Titta på filmklippet nedan om hur du använder do – don´t, does – doesn´t, did -didn’t

1. Do, does, did (wb p 151)


2. Substantiv i plural (wb p 142)

3. Genitiv – ägande

4 Prepositioner

5 There is/there are

6. There was/there were

Two videos – prepositions of place

Go to p. 97 in your work book “yellow grammar pages”. Read the introduction and then work with exercises 1-4

At, in and on are all prepositions of place. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which of them you should use – but the following videos will help you! After you have seen the videos you can check yourselt by doing the quiz below!

Preposition at

Preposition in and on

Follow the link below and you´ll find a quiz, testing you on the prepositions of place: at, on, in and to! If you are uncertain, start reading through the rules by following the blue link above the quiz! You should manage 10 points out of 10!