Could you imagine living here?!


Reflect on these questions!


Learn more about famous Finnish dishes and cakes!

Hi there!

  1. Go to the link below and spend 10 minutes looking around at different categories!

Link to ” Visit Porvoo”

2. Go to category Eat & drink!Visit porvoo skärmdump mat.PNGA) Read about and learn how to make Runeberg´s cake. Translate the recipe, write in English and in Swedish in your notebook.

B) Which restaurant and which café would you like to visit in Porvoo? Pick on restaurant and one café from the list. Write in your notebook.

  • Name of the place?
  • What do they serve there?
  • What made you choose that restaurant and café?


3. In the pictures above you can you can see two other famous Finnish dishes (snacks), except for Runeberg’s cake.  One is called Karelian pasty and the other is a kind of cheese served with cloudberry jam.

  • Find out which ingredients you need for the two dishes, and how to make them. Take notes in your notebook!


Next year there will be a new chance to take part in the Finnish exchange! Hope you’ll take the chance to join!mumin1