Book reading project!

Two weeks with the queen

We will start reading the novel “Two weeks with the Queen” this week! First we start with an introduction of the novel!


All Colin Mudford wanted for Christmas was a microscope.

Colin and his parents are listening to the Queeen’s Christmas message, while his younger brother Luke, is playing with his model plane outside the window.  Why did he get daggy school shoes instead of the microscope he wanted, while Luke got what he wanted…

Colin feels that his parents are treating him and his brother Luke unfairly and he gets upset when the Queen says: “all people should have a fair share of the world’s resourses“.

– “Why should that little whinger get exactly what he wanted?”

Colin starts composing a letter to the Queen:

“Dear Your Majesty The Queen!

I would be very grateful if you could send som tips on how to grab people’s attention and make them listen to you, understand what you want for Christmas etc. Even though I’m twelve I might as well be a lump of wood for all the attention I get around this place. Also some tips on how to stop younger brothers getting everything. I understand that chopping their heads off has been used a bit in your family. This is throwned on in Australia so something legal please…

Answer the following questions in pairs on our digital board

  1. What did you wish for Christmas last year? Did you get what you wished for?
  2. Why do you think Luke gets what he wants and not Colin?
  3. Who is the Queen they are listening to? What´s her name and where does she live? google it!
  4. Where does Colin and Luke live and which day is it?
  5. Why is the Queen’s Christmas message broadcast there?
  6. PREDICT! What will happen in this book, do you think? Don’t forget to use the title and the front cover of the book when you predict.

We will read the first chapter together in class!

Förmågor att utveckla, kunskapskrav som bedöms samt matris

Prezi “Two week with the Queen”

Digital board

Questions to work with

Träna glosor till kap 1

Du kan lyssna på boken här om du har inloggning till Legimus


Writing assignment: Writing a letter
(Write in your drive and share it with Sofia/Jimmy.

Write Colin’s letter to his parents, in which he tells them about his stay so far.

This should be included in your letter:
(Varje punkt nedan ska få ett eget stycke)

Greeting (Dear….) – egen rad

  • Introduction (you miss them, think about Luke etc.)
  • Paragraph (stycke) 1 – tell them about your arrival, describe your new family, the house, the weather and the feeling when you went by underground for the first time.

Nu väljer du tre egna välkända sevärdheter som DU (inte Colin) valt att besöka. Du låtsas alltså att Colin har besökt dessa sevärdheter

  • Paragraph 2 – Here you tell them about the first sight you visited in London. Give information about the sight, and what you thought about it.
  • Paragraph 3 – Here you tell them about the second sight you visited in London. Give information about the sight, and what you thought about it.
  • Paragraph 4 – Here you tell them about the third sight you visited in London. Give information about the sight, and what you thought about it.
  • Paragraph 5 – You are planing to go to Buckingham Palace tomorrow, explain why you want to go and see the queen.
  • Conclusion – tell them not to worry, give them hope about Luke is getting better soon

Good bye phrase! – egen rad

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